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You probably read my earlier blogs on a new solution which is supporting the sales process in the chemical industry (if not, here is the link to the first blog in the series). Why is this process so important and what is specific for the chemical industry?

Well, the main difference compared to many other industries lies in the introduction of new or improved products to your customers.

When a sales representative introduces a new product to a client, he usually needs to provide documentation - such as technical brochures, SDS's (safety Data Sheets), or CoA's (Certificates of Analysis). It would be ideal if the sales representative does not have to carry printed brochures, but has immediate access to thousands of documents at his fingertip and can also easily provide these documents to his customer (this process, by the way, applies to many industries - product documentation and easy access is crucial)

The second, even more important aspect of sales in the chemical industry is the provisioning of evaluation samples. Chemical manufacturers usually test their products in a range of representative test systems to assure quality. However, every customer has their own specific system, think of a red pigment going into an automotive topcoat - although the producer tests the pigment in coating systems which closely resemble what is used across the industry, the client might use a specific additive which results in a different hue of the red pigment in the topcoat, compared to the manufacturer's test system. So testing is essential and therefore customers usually request samples of any new material, before they buy.

An application for chemicals sales representatives needs to cover these important business processes in order to be effective sales tools.

Watch this fun video following the 'day in a life' of a chemicals sales representative. For more info on the solution and contact info, follow this link.

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