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The International SAP Conference for Product Safety and Stewardship. A one-stop-shop for the latest tips, tricks, and info from SAP and high profile SAP customers. Co-located with the International SAP Conference for Chemicals this 2 day event, September 30 – October 1, harnesses the knowledge of industry experts & professionals and shares it in an open and interactive environment.

All organizations in the process industry face the need to respond to ever regulatory and ecosystem-driven substance restrictions and requirements. This conference aims to give you a complete understanding of how SAP solutions can allow you to ensure ongoing compliance with product-related regulations. Take this opportunity to meet with SAP experts and industry professionals to understand how you can drive sustainable product innovation and meet your legal, safety, and sustainability obligations, while continuing to support compliant product storage, packaging, shipping, and transportation.

The event features customer case studies from the following customers and more:


Highlighted event topics include:

  • Holistic management of Sustainable Product Lifecycles
  • Improving compliance for Dangerous Goods Management
  • Standardization and Automation of Product Safety Processes
  • Operational risk management
  • Efficiently managing product safety from the Cloud

The event will be a unique place to network with your industry peers and gain insightful knowledge into product safety and stewardship.

To register for the event and view a full agenda visit:


Be sure to join the conversation of the event with #SAPIndustries and @SAP4Chemicals

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