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This month, for the third time in a row, SAP has published an Integrated Report that summarises information about sustainability and the business into one holistic document and explores the connections between its financial and non-financial performance. And once again, it has proven itself a trailblazer in this innovative type of reporting, quantifying the impact of its social and environmental key performance indicators (KPIs) with the help of an integrated performance analysis.


SAP is now able to not only show the connections between its financial and non-financial performance, but has quantified the corporate economic gross impact of a 1%-point increase for the KPIs Employee Engagement Index (“EEI”), BHCI (“Business Health Culture Index”), Employee Retention (“Retention”) as well as cost avoidance related to a decrease of carbon emissions by 1%:


  • BHCI: €65-75 million.
  • EEI: €35-45 million.
  • Retention: €40-50 million.
  • Carbon Emissions: €4 million.
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