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According to the 2012 Talent Shortage Survey by the ManpowerGourp (selected extract from the survey)

  • Worldwide, talent shortages are most acute in the Asia Pacific region, with particular difficulties faced by employers in Japan, where an aging workforce is exacerbating the issue

  • Skilled trades positions are currently the most difficult to fill in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), while employers in the Americas find engineering posts the hardest to fill

  • Employers are becoming slightly more proactive about closing skills gaps—more employers seek to address talent shortages by providing training and development for existing Staff

  • one in three employers (34%) continue to experience difficulties filling vacancies due to lack of available talent

  • The highest proportion of employers reporting difficulty filing jobs is in Japan where 81% indicate that this is an issue. Notable shortages are also reported in other Asia Pacific markets, including Australia (50%), India (48%) and New Zealand (48%). In the Americas, the most urgent talent shortage is reported in Brazil, where 71% of employers identify difficulty sourcing employees with the relevant profile. In the U.S., 49% of employers report difficulties filling jobs.

See for the full report:

The chemical industry is a world wide industry and is impacted by the regional shortages in talent. Do you have a problem?

What are you doing to retain your current workforce? Are you "training up" your existing workforce with new skills? If so are you sending them to school on courses, training them yourselves, or using online training tools? Are you successful?

Are you dependant on contingent workforces? How are you attracting new, young workers? E-recruiting, word of mouth, job fairs?

Check out the SAP Community Network on SAP HCM for information about  SAP E-Recruiting, SAP HCM Learning Solution, SAP Performance & Talent management solutions

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