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Trying to find an SAP solution that matches one of your business needs can feel very much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Paradoxically, the scope of SAP business capabilities sometimes works against us, as customers assume that if they can’t find information about a solution, we don’t have one.

I hear this over and over from chemical customers who are surprised that we can support their requirements in areas from outcome based billing, to customer supply protection, to waste management, to detailed production scheduling, to name a few.

To help navigate our solutions, SAP has provided “Value Maps” for every industry that map SAP’s solution capabilities to industry business priorities. The Chemical Industry Value Map organizes solutions by putting them in buckets that correspond to current chemical industry strategies:

  • Providing customers with products that drive real business outcomes

  • Simplifying and optimizing business processes

  • Collaborating with customers and suppliers

  • Enhancing the ability to change quickly, in other words to be agile.

In the interactive tool, you can drill down into the business capabilities support each strategy. For example, to provide customers with business outcomes, chemical companies need a whole set of capabilities to support customer engagement and co-innovation, everything from the ability to develop customer-specific recipes and manage collaborative customer development projects, to the ability to comply with complex and country-specific privacy regulations. From these capabilities, you can drill down into the SAP solutions that provide them, whether it’s SAP S/4HANA or part of SAP’s Customer Experience suite.

Watch this video to explore more of the Chemical Value Map. We encourage you to share your experience with us in the chat below. What has your experience been over the years with adopting solutions from SAP’s chemical solution portfolio?

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