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Video: SAP Cloud for Sales for the Chemical Industry

SAP Cloud for Sales is the perfect solution for field organizations, boasting great functionality and a modern, intuitive, and comprehensive user interface. It can be deployed either ‘stand-alone’ or in hybrid environments, to leverage existing on-premise CRM solutions. Cloud for Sales is an easy-to-use, cloud sales application that goes beyond the traditional approach to CRM, by including account management and intelligence, opportunity management and insights, and build-in mobility and real-time analytics.

Sales representatives need to have all the information they need at their fingertips to provide the best service to their customers, and to close deals fast. With SAP Cloud for Sales, your office is wherever you are. The application delivers insight and agility on any device – so you can work and collaborate from anywhere.

However, each industry has different sales processes and requirements, the chemical industry is no exception. What are these additional requirements and how can we make an already great solution even better suited for Chemicals?

  • Product Sample Management – anybody who has dealt with sales processes in the chemical industry knows that before customer buys a product they usually require a product sample to evaluate it in their own systems. Some companies ship hundreds of thousands of samples annually. Still, for most companies this is a spreadsheet-based process, not an integral part of the sales cycle IT systems.
  • Product Sample Analytics - spending millions of dollars on sample management and not having transparency into the process – both from an internal as well as from a customer perspective – is certainly not ideal. Sales departments need to know how many samples were sent, by product, by customer, by department. Knowledge means cost savings potential.
  • Sales Forecast Integration - few activities are as important to the success of a company as sales forecasting and demand planning. Yet for most companies, excellence in this core business function remains out of reach. The people who are most knowledgeable about demand changes are sales representatives, but in most cases they have no integrated tool which helps them to perform a joint sales planning with their customers.
  • Document Provisioning – selling products in the chemical industry often requires documentation, such as product brochures, technical data sheets or agreements and contracts. The traditional way is to carry printed documents, but why not make these documents available right within the sales application they are using to perform all their tasks, so they do don’t have to switch applications, find contextual information, and have access to thousands of documents - whatever they need – plus the option to present these documents, and share them with their customers.

Quite a few requirements, you think? Not easy to realize? Well, the good news is that all (well, almost all*) of the above was addressed in an SAP Co-Innovation project and is already available today (sales forecast integration is a current development project, availability is planned for September).

Watch the SAP Cloud for Sales for the Chemical Industry video.It showcases all areas we just discussed in a brief demo - a ‘day in the life of a chemical industry sales representative’.

For more information on Chemical Sample Management, read this blog series.

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