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Some good news about chemical prospects in the U.S.  In  an article in Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine

Jim Fitterling, Dow Chemical's executive vice president for feedstocks, performance plastics  and supply chain shared his viewpoint on the changing energy landscape.

Some of the high points:

  • Over 120 new energy-related projects have been announced in North America, with nearly $100 billion to be invested in petrochemicals
  • More than one-third of the announced projects will be located in Texas and Louisiana. 
  • The API predicts that nearly $5 trillion will be invested by the upstream through 2035.
  • In North America, 10 new ethylene crackers have been announced

Very good news, however:

  • There is concern that there is a lack of talent to build and operate the new facilities. (I have written about the skills shortage before, and it is becoming more of a concern across industries).
  • The second issue is the lack of US energy policy and without a solid plan this could put domestic companies at a disadvantage

For the full article in Hydrocarbon Processing please use the following link:

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