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From various analyst reports and recent discussions with Executives from clients, I got the feeling that CEOs are quite confident in prospects for the future. However, concerns remain in particular about energy costs, raw material prices, skills shortages and overregulation. Technology, climate change and resource scarcity are expected to transform business over the next years and innovation, be it product, process or IT driven, continue to be essential for chemical companies. The new middle class in the emerging countries, along with the advent of new opportunities from shale gas in the US creates shifts on the demand as well as on the supply side and, hence, drives supply chain transformation towards more resilient and responsive supply networks.

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Also, new competitors entering the market, mass customization of products, and new buying behaviors, driven by the “always on” networked economy, make demand more erratic and reduce product lifecycles. At the same time customers want sustainable products with reduced or no environmental impact leveraging new production technologies like e.g. bio refineries.This not only calls for accelerated innovation but also for proactively managing product and operational risks.

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Last but not least, in order to develop the workforce for the future and ensure availability of critical skills, talent management and recruiting strategies will need to evolve as well.

In order to achieve profitable growth and sustainable margins while containing costs in a highly regulated environment, it is imperative for chemical companies to not only look at product and chemical process innovation, but also to take advantage of latest information technology, New disruptive opportunities on the IT side arising from big data, the cloud, mobility or social media will drive adoption of new business models, facilitate standardization and harmonization of IT infrastructures and simplify consumption of IT processes and services, hence overall support strategic company goals.

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