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Vigilance” is quickly becoming a critical theme for most chemicals companies, especially as we head into a new decade of disruptive opportunities and risks such as:

  • New business models and optimized operations through predictive models and machine learning

  • Widespread adoption of business platform technologies that are expanding industry boundaries to create collaborative, integrated, innovation-driven ecosystems

  • Continuous threats from high capital costs, fluctuating raw material prices, volatile geopolitical climates, mass commoditization, and an overwhelming amount of regulations

In a perfect world, confronting these challenges would be as simple as embedding intelligence, such as machine learning, into business systems and processes. But unfortunately, today’s industry realities require so much more – namely, new sources of value and unique skills that can transform the value chain and business model.

There is so much at stake throughout the industry. But for many of our customers, the SAP Model Company service for Chemicals is accelerating and simplifying their path to competitive business transformation.

What is SAP Model Company for Chemicals?


SAP Model Company for Chemicals is a collection of insights, knowledge, and lesson learned acquired through decades of experience in working with companies from the chemicals industry. The service is an evolving portfolio of the latest reference solutions, industry best practices, and master data, designed to provide the knowledge and skills that chemicals businesses need to optimize end-to-end processes and sharpen decision-making.

For many of our customers, SAP Model Company for Chemicals is a critical component in their accelerated conversion to SAP S/4HANA. The service boasts a library of model company offerings that covers a large variety of core processes. It also allows our customers to experiment and test new use cases that inspire innovative change in areas such as product development, safety, and stewardship; manufacturing and procurement; sales, logistics, and asset management; and IT monitoring. Industry-specific topics are also supported, especially batch traceability, active ingredients subcontracting, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

SAP Model Company for Chemicals is also helping our customers reimagine their operational processes. By providing a blueprint for choosing and implementing the right intelligent technologies and analytics capabilities for their business, our customers are experiencing considerable changes in product safety and stewardship and tank-level monitoring. And as new innovations continue to be added to the model company portfolio, more efficient practices are introduced into functions such as compliance, sales, management of safety data sheets, and dangerous goods management.


Rediscover your edge with unprecedented business value and intelligence

The beauty of SAP Model Company for Chemicals is the opportunity to turn every business improvement into an opportunity that will shape business success for years to come. Whether streamlining existing processes, optimizing decision-making, boosting revenue and profits, improving customer satisfaction, or capitalizing on emerging opportunities, chemical companies can set the priorities that drive the right changes with the right digital tools.
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