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Advice SAP Certified Application Associate in Analytical Banking

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I am a banking professional currently working as a Portfolio Performance Analyst with one of the leading banks in the UK. After 8 years of experience in financial services now, I want to realign my career with my long term goals. I have been surfing about SAP Analytical Banking recently and am strongly inclined to build a career in SAP.

Is there any link where I can find more information about he contents of this course? Is there any training centre in Edinburgh, Scotland where we can get training for and complete this certification? What would be the study time and duration of this course?

In your opinion, will my past experience help me make a good career in SAP?

Appreciate any advise and guidance

Thank you,



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Hello Ravi,

In order to become a Certified Application Consultant in Analytical Banking you will need to complete a series of training courses before becoming eligible for taking the exam.

You can review the exam requirements by clicking on the exam code:  C_FSABAN_80

This training is available in a live classroom environment or via e-learning.  Just click on the Topic Areas to see which courses you will need to take.  At a minimum, you will need the following:  FS250, FS251, FS252 and FS253.

You can also complete this training with the e-learning courses FS250E. FS251E, FS252E and FS253E.  The e-learning courses provide simulations of a live environment but you do not have access to a live training system to practice.  You can only practice in the simulated environment.

Finally, you can complete the training via our E-Academy program.  Here you will receive access to all of the training materials PLUS access to a live training system for 3 months, where you can practice all of the system exercises as often as you wish in order to become more effective on a project and to re-enforce your learning.  Click TFS25E to learn more about this program which will be available for you to register by the end of February 2014.

Your experience will certainly be valuable in an SAP Banking implementation but what is more important is whether or not you are able to apply your knowledge.  The more you know, the more effective and marketable you will be.

Good luck with your SAP for Banking Services career!