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SAP Financial Services Network foundational services represent a substancial simplification for SAP ERP customers.

For example, implementing payments integrations in the past, always involved a rather bank specific customizations, payment medium generation, additional integration efforts and security setup. All in all, resulting in long and expensive integration projects and high maintenance costs.

SAP FSN represents a tremendous non-intrusive, non-disruptive evolution of the corporate-bank relationship, allowing both partners to work more closely, concentrate on the financial benefits and delegate all the integration challenges to SAP.

Nowadays SAP ERP Financials is easily extended into SAP FSN, and the native generation of the payment process directly forwarded to the bank of choice.

Statements (or even similar bank reports like remittance advices, lockbox or collection data) are also integrated into the SAP ERP, removing the constaints and issues resulting from manual processing.

All these reasons have made SAP FSN the clear choice for SAP ERP customers to evolve their financial service providers integration.

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