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SAP Fraud Management is a cross industry solution to analyze, detect, investigate, and prevent fraud and irregulatories in ultra high data environments. It targets both internal and external fraud scenarios that can be based on SAP and non SAP data sources.

Exemplary Internal Fraud Cases

  • Suspicious payments to vendors (conflict of interest in procurement)
  • In appropriate HR payments (bonuses, salary increases)
  • Abuse of payment cards (eg. patrol for company cars)
  • FCPA (foreign corrupt practices act)
    • Each stock listed company needs to have processes and systems in place to avoid bribery and have transparency about payments
    • Violating the law leads to very large fines

Exemplary External Fraud Cases

  • Insurance: Claims Management eg. car insurance
  • Public Sector: Tax related fraud
  • TelCo: Stolen SIM-Cards
  • Retail: Online shops
  • Banking: Anti Money laundering, Sanction List Screening

Fraud management enables companies to detect fraud quicker in order to prevent financial damage.

Key benefits are:

  • Early fraud detection
  • Quick investigation
  • Continuously improvement
  • Fraud Prevention

Why HANA makes a difference:

  • Detection not only in batch mode but realtime: -> seamless integration into business processes
  • Calibration and simulation of rules in realtime on productive data in order to iteratively optimize rules
  • Predictive capabilities on full data volume and not only on data subsets
  • Fuzzy Search capabilities eg for high volume address matching
  • Native full text search in unstructured data

Take a look at SAP official Overview Video: