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Gain enhanced insight through predictive analytics in banking

Predictive analytics and big data technologies help you stay ahead of the game

We live in a digital world. The only way to remain competitive and profitable is to stay close to your customers, and ensure you meet their banking needs. 81% of 100 banking practitioners surveyed by Bloomberg BusinessWeek Research Services quote customer centricity as a top priority.

Join us now for this informative and engaging webinar to find out how banks can fulfil a customer-centric business strategy and hear how predictive analytics can help you

  • segment your customers and predict their behavior in real- time
  • cross- and up-sell effectively by offering services and products tailored to the individual, in real time
  • predict and prevent fraudulent behaviors

Event Details

Date: Nov 27th, 2013

Time: 2:00 pm GMT/ 3:00 pm CET

Grygolec Jarosław, Data Scientist, CRM Analytics Team, PKO Bank Polski
Andy Hirst, VP Banking Solutions, SAP
Julien Sauvage, Director of predictive analytics product marketing - SAP

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