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Will you be profitable tomorrow?

Do you have the tools to be sure?

Challenges abound for banks today, from the European debt crisis, to the struggling recovery in the states, increased competition for the loyalty of your customers to shrinking margins due to increased regulatory requirements. Each of these challenges is unique and can cause any banking professional to lose sleep at night. Fortunately for you there is an event taking place where you can get all the information you need. The SAP Financial Services Forum North America taking place at the Ritz Carlton in New York City October 23-24 is the ideal place for you to find the solutions, insight and expertise you need.

The European debt crisis, every large bank has to be aware of the level of risk they are exposed to in the Euro Zone either through directly holding sovereign debt, exposure to business partners that hold it or by the effect a major shock to the Euro zone would have on other European business loans and holdings. You have to be able to accurately identify your level of exposure and understand what effect it may have on your business under various scenarios.

Customer share of wallet, do you know your customers? Are you sure you are offering them the services they need to ensure their loyalty? You customer facing employees need to have a 360 degree view of your customers’ interactions in real time so they can offer them the level of support required. More importantly you will have a better understanding of where your customer revenues are coming from. This key insight will give you the tools you need to analyze your business and identify new ways to increase revenues by offering customers new services complimentary to their current relationship.

Regulatory and compliance changes? That forever moving target of new requirements coming from all quarters on all topics, state, federal and international governments are constantly adjusting regulatory and compliance requirements based on economic and political needs, you need to be able to get the information required and report to any number of agencies when they tell you to. Do you have the data you need and is it accurate? Banks are generating record amounts of data on everything from employee records, accounting transactions and customer interactions to international debt holdings and interbank loans and finance deals.

With all these lines of business comes increasingly more complex reporting requirement. You need to be able to manage large amounts of data pulled from disparate systems and turn it from raw data into usable and more importantly actionable intelligence. The SAP Financial Services Forum North America hear what we have to say, talk to your colleagues and learn how they are succeeding with SAP solutions and learn how SAP and our partners can help you turn challenges into real opportunities.

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