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Hi All,

Conditions are assigned to a condition group/s. To change a condition, you need to therefore edit the condition group itself.

When changing a condition, only certain attributes can be changed such as the Description, Valid From Date, Amount, Counters, %, Min and Maximum amounts. The differentiating categories cannot be changed. The below can result in changes to a condition: Year End Pricing Interest Rate Changes Production Incident Work Requests

The below can result in changes to a condition:

1. Year End Pricing

2. Interest Rate Changes

Step 1: Go to transaction PRI_PSP_MAINT_COND Edit Condition Group in the Easy Access Menu

Step 2: Select condition group type and condition group from dropdown list

Select the applicable Condition Group Type and condition group you want to make changes and click on execute (ensure that you select the latest and valid condition group as per the Product Price List)

Step 3: Search and select the condition which should be changed

Note that the condition list contains all changes to the conditions that have been made in the past. In other words, there can be multiple conditions for one condition, however only one is the latest and valid one.

Double click on the condition which you want to change. Ensure that you double click on the latest financial condition so that the changes are made on the latest condition and not the old conditions (see example below)

Step 4: Copy the condition

Click on Copy Icon. Note that some fields can now be changed such as Valid From Date, Amount etc

Step 5: Enter the new valid from date and change the condition attributes

Valid From Date - Specifies the start date of the validity period of the condition. When entering a date you can enter the current day's date or a future date. If you enter a future date the condition will only be valid from the date that you've entered. In this example the current date (09.04.2014) was entered

Amount - Specifies the amount that will be billed/charged for the condition (price changed from $28.00 to $30.00)

Step 6: Click on SAVE, that's it you are done.

Hope this document helps all the configurators with this How to Guide. Please do comment and post your queries.

Thanks & Regards,