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When I was a kid, my friend Gus used to get in trouble for not paying attention in class. I remember my 5th grade teacher saying “Gus – get your head out of the clouds!” Being kids, we thought that statement was pretty funny. But, with the emergence of cloud computing, it’s taken on a whole new meaning.

It’s a new day for banking in the cloud

Cloud computing presents endless opportunities for banks to run better, faster, and more profitably than ever before. This is great news for an industry that has its share of challenges – from complying with rigorous regulatory requirements to adapting to new customers, new channels, and new methodologies.

By moving to the cloud – and away from capital-intensive resources – banks can reduce the cost of doing business. What’s more, they can innovate and execute faster by collaborating on, sharing, and deploying banking solutions in the cloud.

Running better in the cloud

Banking isn’t the only industry that’s looking for value in the cloud. According to IDC’s 2013 CloudTrack Survey, organizations in virtually every industry are moving to the cloud to reduce their IT budget, access the newest functionality fastest, and build revenue-generating services faster. And they’re realizing tangible results, considering that “organizations that use the cloud reported 2.5x higher profits than their peers, and are 81% more likely to drive increased collaboration across their organization.”

Making the most of every opportunity in the cloud

To help banks get to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively, and make the most of their investment, software companies offer a variety of services for:

  • Rapid cloud onboarding based on best practices for implementation
  • Hosted and managed cloud deployments
  • Custom cloud solution development and extensions to adapt the cloud
  • Enterprise-wide adoption through cloud-based learning courses on using the cloud

To learn more about services that can help your banking organization innovate, grow, and deliver in the cloud, check out the flipbook “Unlock the Power of Banking with SAP Services.”

And remember this – we may all be accused of having our “head in the clouds” at times, but it’s the dreamers who come up with the innovations that help the world run better.