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Inbound delivery status is open even after GR is posted and PO History tab is not updated

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Hello Everyone,

Good day,

Experiencing a strange scenario, Processed goods receipt through /SCWM/PRDI for IND which is created through PO.

But the IND status is showing as open and PO history tab is updated.

Also stock in MMBE is showing full in both on order stock and Available stock.

Please find the attached screen shots and help me to resolve the issue.




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**Processed goods receipt through /SCWM/PRDI for Inbound delivery

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You aren't answering on this question just improving your question. Please use "Add a Comment" option under beneath of your question to improve your question or edit your question.

Regards, Neeraj Jain

Best Regards,
Neeraj Jain

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** Also noticed that the PPF tab also not updated properly.