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CS-No configurable material can be assigned to the order

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Can someone please assist me with the following problem? I am creating a Refurbishment Order in Customer Service using an Equipment created by an action in VMS. The material maintained in the Equipment is a configuration material and I get an error "No configurable material can be assigned to the order" when I use this equipment to create the order.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.




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Dear Tiaan,

We have exactly the same issue. Apparently SAP has blocked this posibility. The SAP solution doens't support configurable materials on Service Orders goes for 4.6, 4.7 and 6.0. To my understanding this is a very big miss in the SAP solution. I hope that we by listing it here can inform SAP that it makes no business sence not to be able to provide service on configurables materials. We will most likely go for a modification in the source, since SAP doesn't support this.

Best Regards