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We are happy to announce the second release of Industry Process Framework on 18th Feb 2022. In this post we would provide introduction to Industry Process Framework and the key highlights available as of 2202 cloud release.

SAP Industry Process framework is a process orchestration framework, which helps SAP / Partners / customers to orchestrate business processes requiring innovative solution that can be deployed in a fast and easy way thus reducing the cost of innovation.


The business processes in automotive industry are quite complex, and no two customers have the same processes. The heterogenous landscape and multiple suppliers further complicates the E2E business processes.

For example, the business process for creation of a vehicle varies based on the region. In European markets the vehicles are highly configurable, and the vehicle is known only after a buyer requests a quotation. However, in the Asian region the vehicles are not configurable and can exist even before the pre-sales process is triggered on the vehicle.

SAP Industry Process Framework is a Cloud-based process orchestration platform enabling customers to orchestrate the business process.

Industry Process Framework helps customers and partners establish, enhance, and automate industry-specific best practices such as vehicle and complaint management through efficient process orchestration and reliable status management to expand the business value across the enterprise.

Today, original equipment manufacturers, sales companies, and fleet operators need to orchestrate processes differently across markets, channels, and products. However, with different solutions and technologies involved, the orchestration of processes can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and manual. Now, SAP customers can readily orchestrate processes and integrate them into their core applications quickly.

Solution Overview:

SAP Industry Process Framework is a process orchestration and status management framework, used for orchestrating industry specific business processes.

SAP Industry Process framework allows SAP to deliver standard and out-of-the-box processes to customers, allows customers to enhance SAP delivered processes or create their own processes, and enables partners to compliment SAP standard processes or build new processes from scratch.

Key Features:

  • Prepackaged process orchestration scenarios and built-in integration features.

  • Modular and open process orchestration based on a configurable microservice platform.

  • Logging and tracing across multiple applications (SAP and third party).

  • Advanced process automation beyond standard packaged APIs.


  • Increased revenue from new business models by integrating and extending processes.

  • Accelerated integration by delivering predefined orchestration scenarios.

  • Increased flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions and customer demands.

  • Improved data quality by connecting data from multiple applications.


Below are some of the highlights of the SAP Industry Process Framework solution:

  • Configuring complex business processes with simple steps using a single application:

The Manage Configuration application enables user to create and manage the various configuration entities required to configure and run a business process end-to-end.

  • Execution of process based on pre-conditions and criteria:

Preconditions in Industry Process Framework are conditional checks that can be implemented while executing an action.

For example,

  • To confirm a purchase order, it must be first be created.


  • Highly configurable action templates:

SAP Industry Process Framework enables substitution and transformation of payloads with XSLT templates.

  • Track the process execution and errors using business log.

  • Deliver out-of-the-box content to customers and enable customers and partners to compliment SAP portfolio.

  • APIs to enable integration with business applications:

The following APIs are exposed to enable integration with business applications:

  • Execute process in Industry process framework

  • Get available process

  • Fetch process results

  • Application business references


SAP Industry Process framework helps SAP, Partners, Customers to orchestrate business processes in a fast and easy way. Industry Process Framework can be used to orchestrate processes in S/4HANA  or in any external systems provided the backend services are exposed using ODATA/REST/SOAP services.


As a solution running on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP Industry Process Framework can connect to SAP and non-SAP systems.

Additional Information:

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