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DBM Service Packages are a combination of Services , Spare parts and External services.Packages can be used a marketing tool with predefined list of labor values and parts with special prices.

Refer Detailed Document of DBM Packages -

Depending upon the package definition the prices of the packages can be kept Changeable/ Non Changeable.

Step 1

Create New Package

Step 2

Enter the header data of package For Eg –

  1. Package ID – A Unique Package ID with Maximum 20 Characters
  2. Package Status – Released, Blocked, Package Discontinued etc. For Package to be consumed in DBM Order the status should be released.
  3. Header Price and Validity of package
  4. LV Main type for which the package belongs to.
  5. Organization data for the package.

Select Labor value numbers and Spare parts which needs to be included in the package as per the Item category defined. And Save.

Step 3

You can consume the DBM package in DBM Service order under the standard item category P012 (Packages).

Thus the DBM order is ready to be billed with package with specified price.