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This blogs describes the settings for VMS actions related to DBM.

All VMS actions which are used in DBM begin with Q*, e.g. QORD for creating purchase order from vehicle master in transaction /DBM/VSEARCH.

This actions are used for vehicles enabled for DBM.

In VMS customizing you have to maintain VMS actions.

Select customizing node:

SPRO -> Logistics execution -> Vehicle Management System (VMS) -> Enhancements -> Define Technical Details for Actions

For recent DBM actions you have to assign an action program and a screen.

This is necessary for executing the action.

The action program /DBM/SAPLVM13 is used for all related DBM actions.


QBDM (Enable Vehicle for DBM) and QVED (VMS2DBM part 1 VMS action): in this VMS  actions the action program /DBM/SAPLVM14 is assigned.

For different VMS actions a special screen is used, e.g. for VMS action QORD screen 0300 is assigned providing input fields for creating purchase order.

The action will be executed by clikcing the save button in the vehicle master.

In the attachment you can find the standard action programs and screens for DBM actions.

If you realize that in vehicle master in node "actions" the DBM actions are provided but no input fields are displayed than you have to check the described customizing settings.