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Companies across all industries must offer excellent customer service – fast response times and efficient resolution
of issues are mandatory. With the significant shift towards more profitable aftermarket services within the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, manufacturers now too must ensure that they are meeting their customers’ service demands. With
many third-party maintenance repair shops and aftermarket parts vendors vying for business, the competition is fierce.

To be competitive in the services market, A&D manufacturers must differentiate themselves by providing best-in-class interaction with their customers. For example: by ensuring that service representatives can instantly access all relevant information needed to
address customers’ inquiries. An SAP survey reveals that service agents are able to respond 15.3 % faster if they have immediate access to service history and other customer information.

To be able to achieve high levels of quality and responsiveness in their customer service, A&D manufacturers must
have the ability to analyze vast amounts of customer and equipment data from both internal systems and on the Web practically in real-time. Using the solution SAP 360 Customer powered by SAP HANA that combines the latest CRM functionality for the services line-of-business with in-memory technology can help address this challenge. The SAP solution helps A&D manufacturers increase service profitability by making sense of “Big Data”, thus helping solve customer issues faster and smarter, and ultimately streamlining the entire service operations.

Learn here how SAP helps A&D OEMs boost their profitability in aftermarket services.