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Studies reveal that learning from animations and graphics leads to 30 % better understanding and a 50 % reduction in learning time. Despite this knowledge, surprisingly many companies still rely almost exclusively on the written word to describe products and document complex processes.

In an industry such as aerospace and defense (A&D), characterized by highly-complex assets, strict regulation, and increasing globalization, using visual content can impact productivity significantly – by ensuring that employees are executing complex tasks properly in a timely manner. Especially in aftermarket services, where the quality and efficiency of service delivery is crucial for profitability, using 3D animated images can help A&D manufacturers gain competitive edge.

Unlike written documentation and static imagery that often require too much interpretation and lack clarity, 3D images provide accurate product and asset views as well as information to users that simplify complex processes, and speed comprehension and learning.

With SAP 3D Visual Enterprise, SAP offers A&D companies a portfolio of product visualization applications that help make 3D content available to and usable by all employees. For example: Customer service activities executed with 3D animated instructions can improve understanding and ensure consistency in work processes while increasing quality and productivity. In maintenance operations, 3D product visualization can help reduce repair turnaround times and increase equipment availability by giving maintenance technicians visual work instructions for training and work order execution.

Learn here how SAP helps A&D OEMs boost their profitability in aftermarket services.