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With a next-generation digital core enabled by SAP software and services, aerospace and defense (A&D) organizations can reimagine business models, business processes, and work – and drive simplification and innovation. By digitizing and transforming the enterprise, you can support smarter, faster operations. You can offer a 3D visual customer experience, enable total workforce management, and tap into the advantages of a digital supply chain.

To get an idea of what it means to digitize the business, answer the questions below about your organization – and see what potential benefits are on the horizon.

Building a smarter enterprise

Can you:

1. Combine sensor data from production equipment with other enterprise data – engineering, reliability, etc. – for full visibility into manufacturing operations?

2. Get planning insights from financial IT systems across all cost centers and program figures?

3. Automatically trigger maintenance orders based on aircraft sensor data?

Answering “yes” can mean benefits including increased operational excellence, real-time information and processes access, and making the most of Big Data.

Offering a 3D visual customer experience

Do you:

4. Give your customers an omnichannel experience, from early sales discussions to delivery and documentation?

5. Capture and analyze equipment performance data in real time for continuous product and service improvements?

6. Mine product information for new revenue streams?

Benefits can include richer customer relationships, better products and services, and faster time to market.

Optimizing the workforce

Can you:

7. Manage the total workforce life cycle in one place?

8. Find organizational talent with specific science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills quickly (within a week)?

9. Give employees the ability to access and analyze critical information and processes in real time, from any mobile device, with the same functionality as in the office?

Benefits can include better talent management and development and increased efficiency and productivity across your organization.

Digitizing the supply chain

Do you:

10. Synchronize and automate the flow of development and manufacturing information between your company and your suppliers in real time?

11. Have full transparency into all your indirect spend?

12. Provide insight needed for full compliance with export laws across jurisdictions?

Benefits can include enhanced network collaboration, improved travel and expense management, and comprehensive compliance.

Plotting your path

A digital core facilitates communication, connects data sources, and enables business processes and the workforce. You can drive outcome-based customer experiences, harness the Internet of Things, glean invaluable insights – and increase efficiency and profitability. Of course, there’s more than one step on the way to going digital. So where is your organization on the journey?

To find out, get a snapshot of your digital readiness. Click here to try this free benchmarking tool from market research company, International Data Corporation (IDC). After answering a few questions, you’ll get a free, personalized report and analysis assessing the level of your digital maturity relative to other participants.

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