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October is a very hectic and interesting month. It kicks off the start of the SAP TechEd season, reminds us that we only have two more months to wrap up things before the end of the year and it also brings us one more month closer to the holiday season. Despite all the various activities going on throughout the month, we were able to conduct five SAP CodeJams in five different cities and in four different countries. We are grateful to developers like you that we are able to conduct these events, so thank you!

Topic of the Month: SAPUI5

SAP CodeJam is designed to focus on a single topic, allowing participants to get familiar with one specific SAP platform or technology at a time. This month our events covered five different topics:

  • SAP HANA with IoT
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform Integration
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • SAPUI5 with SAP Web IDE
  • SAP HANA with SAPUI5

Continue reading to see what our Featured Expert, Denise Nepraunig, has to say about SAPUI5.

Getting to Know the Expert: Denise Nepraunig

Denise Nepraunig has been working with the SAP Web IDE team since July, 2014 and has conducted three SAP CodeJams so far. Even before joining SAP, Denise was developing SAPUI5 applications at her previous jobs.

Denise likes being a SAP CodeJam expert because she likes to share her passion for a certain topic and meeting new like-minded people. “I enjoy the casual setup of those events, it feels like hanging out with a bunch of friends in your living room and hacking together some cool stuff. It is also great to be able to visit all those different locations and taste some local food. If you want to start out with a new technology you can feel overwhelmed by the amount of documentation, so I really appreciate to be able to help the people to find the needle in the haystack so that they can jumpstart the development.”

When asked to share some interesting facts or statements of SAPUI5, Denise shed some light about SAP Web IDE, which is a crucial part of SAPUI5 development.

“I really like all those templates which help you to kick start your app development and the tight integration with the HCP. The code completion is also quite good. What I enjoy most is that I don’t have to install anything on my local computer and that I have everywhere the same settings, projects and plugins – I just need a Chrome browser and I am good to go for development.”

Fun Fact: Denise has a black belt in Karate, which I must say is pretty awesome.

For more information and updates on SAPUI5, be sure to check out the SAPUI5 Developer Center.

What are People Saying?

Feedback is very essential to us as it helps us grow and improve future SAP CodeJams events. Here is what our attendees have to say about us this month:

“I liked the fact that there was room to discuss with SAP/partners with knowledge. I would like to have more exercises.”

Breda, October 30th

“Great content, great atmosphere - not too big. Very competent speakers.”

Munich, October 9th

“This was a great & successful event, meeting SAP-mentor and/or DevRel in person means a lot to a developer. SAP should continue conducting such events to improve the dev-culture in SAP-environment.”

Stuttgart, October 30th

Where Have We Been?

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Not sure what SAP CodeJam is?

SAP CodeJam is a 5 to 6 hours event where a small group of developers get together for an afternoon of networking, learning, and coding in an ultra-casual environment all for free. Attendees get a chance to share and expand their knowledge and collaboratively develop with SAP technologies, platforms and tools under the watchful guidance of an expert. The events are developer community focused and supported by SAP, exploring technologies available through the SAP Developer Center.

How can you request a CodeJam event?

Anyone can host an SAP CodeJam event in their city. If you are interested, please send your request to and include the following info in the email: name and email of the local contact person for the event, country and city in which the event will take place, estimated number of attendees (25 – 40), topic of the event, location, 3 possible dates. Someone in the SAP CodeJam team will get back to you within 1 – 2 days to confirm and finalize the details. Click here  for additional information about these events. We are now accepting requests for 2016!