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Developer Advocate

So, you want to host a CodeJam. Excellent! These community events absolutely need volunteers like yourself to make them possible. This article contains the information you need to get started with the hosting process.

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What is an SAP CodeJam?

Good starting question.  For the answers, we'd suggest you read the Welcome article in this SAP Community Group: 👋 Welcome to the SAP CodeJam Group! - SAP Community Groups

What topics are available?

Although you, as the host, can choose the topic the CodeJam; there is a limited number of pre-built content options which we offer. The continuously updated list of topics and some roadmap of future topics is maintained in this article: SAP CodeJam Topics - SAP Community Groups

CodeJam Size

The ideal size of an SAP CodeJam would accommodate about twenty-five people. If demand is larger and there is enough space, we can handle a maximum of fifty people depending upon session expert availability. We would not recommend going any larger than that as it won't provide a valuable experience for the attendees. A big part of the CodeJam experience is the direct interaction with one another and the instructors and that works best with the session sizes we indicated.  

Responsibilities as a Host

As a host you are responsible for providing a location that can hold at least 20-25 people and provide them with power and internet access. There must be a projector for the instructor to display slides and instructions, with the ability to use that via an HDMI cable connection. You must be willing to accept attendees from other SAP customers and partners in your area. Registration must be open to all. Attendees must bring their own laptops and we, as the SAP presenters, will make systems/accounts available. We suggest keeping the event hosting as simple as possible. Hosting from your offices in a normal meeting spaces works well.  This is a grass roots community event focused on the content and networking opportunity. Hosts are responsible for expenses incurred to host the event. 

You are also responsible for setting the start and stop times (and any break times).  You know your local attendees, customs, and traffic patterns best and trust you can set the day's agenda times optimally. The SAP expert staffing the session may have additional travel constraints that need to be considered as well.

The Speakers

For each SAP CodeJam, SAP will bring in an expert to conduct the session. Often these will be members of the SAP Developer Advocates team, but we could also staff sessions using SAP development or product management colleagues. 


For each CodeJam, SAP will create entries in the SAP Community Events listing/calendar. SAP will promote the events globally using our social media accounts and other marketing capabilities. However, the most effective promotion is often the local activities you perform as host.  We can provide you with promotional artwork, but please plan as host to promote the event using your local network as well.


For most events, registration is handled by the SAP Community events functionality.  Interested attendees use the RSVP functionality to indicate they plan to attend.  We have their account details via the SAP Community Profile.  If you, as host, need access to a registration list (for instance to prepare security access to your facility); SAP can provide that in advance of the event.  However, if you wish to handle the registration yourself (as is often the case with CodeJams co-located with User Group events), you are welcome to do so. Please just inform us of this fact during the planning phase. 

Requesting a CodeJam

Still interested? Great!  Time to request your CodeJam.  You can do so simply by posting your intent right here in the Discussion area of SAP Community Group for SAP CodeJam.  Please provide a little basic information:

  • Location
  • Requested Topic if you have a preference
  • Time frame if you have something in mind
  • Contact details (optional - if you would rather, we can contact you via direct message in the Community to gather contact details or other missing information)

Once we have received your request, someone from the SAP Developer Advocates team will contact you to discuss.  We will do our best to accommodate as many requests as schedules, expert availability and budgets allow.