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Hey there,

Hope you all are hungry and yet again carry the same zeal to learn new stuffs.

Having heard a lot about SAP Lumira, I myself was starving for any knowledge on this topic. This was the chance when we could draw some info from industry experts when we at Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd, decided to partner again with SAP to organize a bench marked event "SAP CodeJam".

We got a great response from SAP to organize and promote this event and equally was it received by participants. The training rooms were pack and systems well occupied when Prashant Nagegowda and Priyanka Agrawal from SAP Labs, Bangalore kick started the session. A few grabs from the event below where the expert shows dashboard created using Lumira on a mobile tablet:

It was exciting to see how SAP Lumira can interact with different source systems and can create interactive reports that can be referred online/offline and shared as .lum files. This gives an option to share interactive reports between team using inbuilt capabilities. It was interesting to notice how a complex dashboard that includes stories, pictures, graphics, data, analytics, etc, can be created using SAP Lumira with minimal efforts and can be viewed on multiple view ports supporting desktop/mobile devices.

The audience was apparently happy with there interaction with SAP experts and could appreciate efforts put in by the team to organize this event.

About Lumira they all felt that this tool can be used by higher managements for daily monitoring and even in cases where there is minimal integration with back-end systems using simple .xls as source.

We all look forward to use this tool and provide solutions to client on top on it.

Keep jamming!



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