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On 14th of June 2014 (yes it was done on a Saturday) we conducted the first SAP HANA CodeJAM session in Jakarta. It was done in conjunection with SAP University Alliance and Universitas Indonesia (UI) Faculty of Computing. UI is the oldest tertiary-level education institute in Indonesia and was established in 1849.

The CodeJAM session was the first agenda item in the summer camp 2014 program that the UI had arranged for their students. Over 25 students registered and attended the CodeJAM session. Many of them have experience in Enterprise IT and were very interested and eager to find out more about SAP HANA and our Cloud Solutions.

We shared the various customer success stories on what HANA has provided to our customers and proceed to connecting them to the HANA instance created on our Cloud Appliance Library. The students proceed with their hands on for HANA and how they could use it to perform real time analytics. The progress of the students were very impressive as they require a minimal amount of guidance. They were also very proactive in helping out fellow friends whom had questions or encountered difficulties.

We ended the session with a brief overview on the changes SAP HANA brings to the enterprise IT framework. A compressed introduction of XS Engine and River was also give as a flavor of what other capabilities are built into HANA.

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