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The Setup

On December 6th our UI5 SAP CodeJam took place in the beautiful city of Poznan, Poland. It was hosted by Poznan University of Economics. Elżbieta Bukowska was the contact person here and did a great job by organizing everything as a local representative.

CodeJam in Poznan was probably the first ui5 CodeJam also focusing on SAP Web IDE. In order to not depend on any network connectivity a local installation of the SAP WebIDE was provided on all computers in the computer lab. Attendees were also welcome to bring their own laptop. An installation and setup guide had been sent out beforehand. Most participants also singed up for a free trial account of HCP that comes with the latest SAP Web IDE version so no setup is needed.

The People

There were about 20 participants in total, most of them students. People loved to get hands on the new technologies. Even if the topic was totally new for the most of them everyone picked it up very fast and was able to build a ui5 applications by the end of the day.

The Event

After an introduction to the SAP Developer Program and an overview of OpenUI5 we started with small exercises of how to create a first ui5 application using SAP Web IDE. It was also demonstrated how to follow SAPs Best Practice Approach by building a Component-based application and using the built in Model-View-Controller concept.

A good lunch was provided and encouraged people to discuss about the new learned topics or to do some small talk. However, most of them could not wait to get back to their computers and continue with ui5 development.

The rest of the day people followed more of the prepared exercises, built their own applications or explored other ui5 controls. Many questions came up regarding ui5, Hana Cloud Platform and connectivity to backend systems that could be answered.


The event was a total success. The organization from Poznan University was very good and the overall atmosphere was relaxed and very open. Looking forward to the next CodeJam event and see people getting excited about SAPs latest technologies.

Quotes from participants

Code Jam was an excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know other developers interested in SAP solutions. At the same time, we learn a lot about SAP UI5 and SAP Web IDE.

The SAP Web IDE is much better then eclipse.

Great course and really nice and quick dive into SAPUI5. Quite rapid at the beginning but everything gets clear with very well prepared examples.

Time well spent for sure.

The technology was new to most of the participants but explanations and examples provided by the instructor were very helpful.

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