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On the 21th of March All for One Steeb AG was proud to be the host of a SAP CodeJam in Filderstadt (Germany). Purpose of the event was it to give an insight into developing with the ABAP Development Tools (ADT).

22 attendees joined the SAP CodeJam and was very interested to see what kind of advantages ABAP in Eclipse brings and how it will change the daily work of an today SE80-ABAP Developer.


The experts Thomas Fiedler, Chris Swanepoel and Sebastian Ratz created a very attractive agenda with a lot of time for hand-ons and discussions about state-of-the-art development.


As Part of the CodeJam the experts also explained the concept and some advantages of Core Data Services (CDS) and how to created and use them. Finally the feedback of the attendees was very positive. Everybody had a lot of fun to try out how it feels to develop ABAP in Eclipse.


Many thanks to to the experts from SAP!






And last but not least some impressions of the event:

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