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           /..'\         ****   You're not too late to register!  Join us! ****



          /.'.'.\        SAP CodeJam    Christmas Edition

   "'""""/'.''.'.\""'"'" Frankfurt a.M  Dec 9th 2013


  • Are you looking for a nice christmas present for your beloved?
  • You know that something handcrafted is the most impressive thing you can give away?

Then you should join us at #CodeJam Dec,9th in Frankfurt a.M. Update your skills to the next level ... ... and you will be able to create a lovely web application with SAPUI5 and Netweaver Gateway right before christmas!!!     

Some ideas for your post-codejam project:

  • Inventory application with a state-of-the-art UI on your smartphone to handle the inventory of your christmas tree decoration.
  • Register all incoming Xmas cards/emails/phone calls with an helpful breathtaking UI5 frontend & optimize your next years card plans.

Don't disappoint your wife with another jewelry    or your husband with another blu-ray collectors box!

Check out    => Upcoming Events => Dec'9th Frankfurt

and register yourself soon.

TimeSchedule:     10am to at least 4pm

But take care! 

I'll be there too, and i don't let anyone go without plaguing him in the coffee breaks with examples and options in the area of browser-based visualization. (d3.js is part of SAPUI5)  

     After you're registered, please add a comment to this document here and tell us something about you.

christian.buckowitz from iProCon is the one who was insistently working on this plan in the last months to make this possible in 2013.

He had some good talking with hendrik.neumann and me to do the initial planning and here we go:  

CodeJam in Frankfurt (again)

See you in December in Mainhattan