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SAP invited to join the SAP Codejam Freiburg on July 23rd, 2015, on the premises of Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co.KG as host for this event.

According to Freiburg's image as one of the sunniest places in Germany, more than 20 motivated developers and architects followed the invitation on a very sunny and hot day. Luckily, Haufe's premises are properly air conditioned and sufficient well-chilled drinks were available :smile: .

This event was intended to focus on SAP Gateway as central toolset for OData service development in the SAP space.

After a short tour of introductions andre.fischer started presenting the basic concepts of Gateway, OData and architectural concepts.

Not too many slides later andre.fischer jumped into "live demo mode" and demonstrated how to build services and how to use SAP's toolset.

Right afterwards the participants had a chance to get their hands dirty with code and develop their own Gateway Services, including ABAP backend business logic and play around with the Gateway service builder.

During the event we had many chances to collaborate and learn from each other, It soon became evident that this event shall not be a one-time meeting but requires a follow-up to further foster the exchange between the participants - on Gateway as well as on many more topics.

In the afternoon SAP shared some insights about its roadmap on Gateway. tatjana.pfeifer and elisabeth.riemann presented upcoming features and actively discussed with the participants about their thoughts on enhancements such as soft state, new tools and SAP's plans to support OData 4.0. Morevover, we developed a simple FIORI app by using WEBIDE as development tool and utilized Gateway OData services from the backend.

Many thanks to the SAP team coming to Freiburg and to all participants for actively participating, discussing, coding, and networking.

In a nutshell it was a cool event and a great pleasure to being the host. I am looking forward to strengthening the local community further and the one or another event in future!

Best Regards,