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SAP CodeJam Exclusive Edition at Volvo in Wroclaw: Focus on SAPUI5, OpenUI5, SAP Gateway and SAP Web IDE


These two days spend at the Volvo site in Wroclaw were not only great because of the beauty of this famous city which is this year a European Capital of Culture and the World Book Capital. The other reason for this was the SAP CodeJam hosted at Volvo with the participation of more than 30 enthusiastic and motivated developers each days.

After the introduction of what is SAP CodeJam, its benefits and how to request one, we the experts directly jump to the next step, that was   the introduction of SAPUI5, Openui5 and SAP Web IDE. Those introductions where each time followed by a demo when it was necessary. Some hints where to find further learning materials on each topics were provided to the participants as well.

After those theoretical parts, the logical next step was to jump to practice. Here we provided the participants with all links related to tutorials dealing with the main topics of the event. During the hands-on part, we found that the Master Details template within the Web IDE, which participants were supposed to use for one of the tutorials, was missing. After investigation, it game up that it was due to the upgrade that was played the night prior to the CodeJam. Luckily, that we have plenty of tutorials online and this gave us the flexibility to redirect the participants to other exercises while clarified the issue with the owner of the missing template.

After the lunch, the technical issue with the template was resolved. The last stuff of the first day was the introduction of FIORI, the SAP UX Experience. The concept behind FIORI was presented as well as the architectural requirements that a FIORI App should fulfil. As practical illustration of the FIORI, the General Ledger Account Balances and the General Ledger Line Items, two Apps from the Product and Innovation (Financial LOB  New Analytics) were presented and debugged.

The configuration of the second day was a little bit different from the first one. Since the second day was opened to public, it took place at Volvo show room with participants coming out of Wroclaw as well.  The pedagogical content was the same as the one of the first day.  This time we went through the stuff without any technical issue. The atmosphere was great as well the interaction with the participants. Many questions came up. The background of the participants was not homogeneous. There were some with strong UX development, Java Script and HTML5  experience and other were new bees or only with  backend development knowledge.

My colleague Witaly took this opportunity to introduce the new SAPUI5 book.

Below some impression of the events.

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