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Last Friday, January 29th, we had the first SAP Codejam in our new SUPERP office in De Meern. 3 ABAP for SAP HANA experts came over from Germany to share their knowledge and help us with the prepared hands-on exercises. Over 35 enthusiastic developers registered to be a part of this event.

Around 12:00 our HANA experts thomasgauweiler, ingo.braeuninger and simon.collet arrived and did some last preparations. A half hour later the Codejam participants start to arrive and after some drinks and a little SUPERP snack, we could start the event a little after 13:00.

After a short into Ingo took the stage and started with explaining the concept of a SAP Codejam for those who were new to the concept. If you are looking into organizing a SAP Codejam yourself, you can find all information in this blog of Krishna Dalal.

After this intro, Ingo started telling us about ABAP on SAP HANA. He started with explaining about the need of ‘Code Push-Down’, a new developer paradigm which involves delegating data intense calculation into the database (HANA) layer. To do this, we now have CDS (Core Data Services) and AMDP (ABAP managed database procedures) to our exposal since the ABAP 7.4 SP5 release. These 2 ‘new’ features were thoroughly covered in a couple of exercises.

The exercises also covered the tools to find custom code which does not fully benefit from the power of SAP HANA. This can come in handy if you want/need to optimize your code after a migration to a SAP HANA database. After an afternoon filled with HANA exercises, lots of questions and even more candy bars and M&M’s, we ended the day with a nice Thai dinner at 18:00.

In short, we learned a lot on how to optimally leverage the power of SAP HANA from an ABAP perspective. Besides having fun with the latest SAP technology, a SAP Codejam is also a platform to (re)connect with fellow community developers. And to me it was a successful day on that matter as well.

Thanks to all participants for making it a successful day, and a special thanks to our SAP experts Thomas Gauweiler, Ingo Braeuninger and Simon Collet for your expertise.

See you all next SAP CodeJam.

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