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SAP CodeJam held on 16th June 2016 at SAP LABS, Bangalore and was a great learning experience for all the Participants across India.

People from all different locations come together to share the Joy and Adventure of Learning a Platform called HANA CLOUD Platform !

I met my Mentor "Midhun VP" who is working in "Technology RIG Development" and a good name among Top mobile Developer in SAP Labs.

I learned a lot for HCP, especially how to work with Java Persistence API (JPA). This is what i had learned from him on that day:

We created demo project in Eclipse Mars-R and later on deployed the same application to Hana Cloud Platform, and run there. Midhun guided us all for any issue coming or errors to be corrected. He descriped all the steps in details. Created Versioning of the Application, Security measure through providing Roles and Assign those roles to the users (own in this case). We also learned how to use GIT Repository for Storing our developments "fetch and Commit" process. I created Fiori Appplication using Master Details template and later deployed that application to Fiori Launchpad available in SAP HANA Cloud Portal. Created the site with the guidance from Midhun and later published it on HANA Cloud Platform.

Midhun VP explained about the Persistence service and how to consume the same through JAVA Persistence API (JPA), which is a Java API that makes it easy for developers to implement ORM. Java objects and database rows become equivalent representations of the same data, and operations on a Java object are automatically refelcted in the database and vice versa. Midhun exlplianed how JPA consists of basically 2 Parts: Interface/API layer and Implemenation/ Provider Layer.

Midhun explained to me about the different entities to be created and how to create a complete Persistence Unit using these differenr elements like <properties>, <persistence>, <provider> etc. to name a few. Then he explained how to manipulate Entities Programatically in Eclipse and later consuming JPA Entities as Odata Service in SAP HANA Platform.

Overall it was a great learning Experience with Midhun VP and i am looking forward to have such more experiences.

Thanks to RIG folks babu.ganeshv , midhun.vp and vasu.kesiraju and the team behind them for organizing another great event and pushing new technologies into customers.

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