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Developer Advocate
As 2019 draws to a close, we at SAP Community & Developer Relations thought that we would bring you all up to date with SAP CodeJam.

As most of you know, SAP CodeJam are a community requested event on specific SAP technologies. You can find the current list of SAP CodeJam topics at It is also a free to attend, bring your own device, hands-on, fun and informal event, where you can interact with other like-minded attendees from around your immediate location, as well as our SAP Experts.

This year the community requested over 80 CodeJams around the world and our SAP Experts loved sharing their knowledge with the attendees! Check out what the community has said this year on SAP Blogs

If you are wondering what our attendees think about their experience at SAP CodeJam, then here are some quotes for you...

  • Direct and uncomplicated contact with SAP experts.” – SAP CodeJam Bern 2019

  • Talk and discussion with SAP experts which is quite helpful. I also discussed with SAP expert some off-topic problems at my SAP project at my client which also helped a lot.” – SAP CodeJam Frankfurt 2019

  • I liked the open atmosphere. There was no pressure to be formal. I liked the exercise with mqtt. Although I never worked with mqtt, I think it is pretty neat.” – SAP CodeJam Stuttgart 2019

If you have a passionate SAP Community around you and are thinking about requesting to host an SAP CodeJam, you should know a few things. You as the requestor are responsible for the location and its logistics, such as internet and AV etc. You are also responsible for promoting to your local community. Still sounds good? Then we may be seeing you in 2020 and sending one of our SAP Experts your way! You can request an SAP CodeJam from the email link at

If you want to attend, you can check out the upcoming SAP CodeJams for 2020, as part of the “Explore SAP Developer and Community Events from around the world” page at and via Eventbrite at Remember you have to register for a seat via our registration links, and as SAP CodeJams are popular, they fill up fast!

SAP CodeJam 2019… It has been a great year to end the decade and we would like to thank all our requestors in the community for hosting the events, as well as the attendees for coming along, taking part and making them so enjoyable for all that attended! Let us not forget our awesome SAP Experts who are passionate about their SAP Technology, have travelled many miles this past year and love interacting with you all!

Happy Holidays to you all. Here is to a safe & prosperous 2020 and another great year of SAP CodeJam!
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