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It’s that time of the year again, we are at the end of yet another successful SAP CodeJam year and as always, we are so grateful for each and every one of you for your continuous support for making these events happen! We completed 75 events this year and connected with over 2,000 developers around the globe.

SAP CodeJam Stats: 2012 – 2018

Top Three Topics Requested:

We introduced a new format this year. The program now focuses on allowing you to develop a solution using various SAP technology, platforms and tools. You will be presented with an end-to-end scenario where you’ll get to see how different technologies integrate and work together while building your solution all under the guidance of an SAP expert. Here are the top three topics requested this year:

2018 Highlights


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What are People Saying?

Feedback is very essential to us as it helps us grow and improve future SAP CodeJam events. Here is what our attendees have to say about us this year:
“CodeJam is a cool way to network and learn! keep up the good work! thx!!”   

“Ingo and his colleague did a great Job, we could ask a lot of questions. They are very experienced with the Topic and help you get involved with Eclipse. Personally, not all was new to me, but they gave me good hints on what else is possible and that will facilitate working with Eclipse.”

“Great event with great exercises and great team, learned a lot and had also fun.”

“Excellent organized. Looking for more SAP Community HANA Events on latest topics.

To network and to talk with other developers I liked most.”


Request an SAP CodeaJam in 2019:

We have introduced a few new topics towards the end of 2018, such as SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services with iOS or Android SDK and SAP Cloud Platform Workflow & Business Rules and we are looking to add more as we move forward into the New Year.

Anyone can host an SAP CodeJam event in their city. If you are interested, please send your request to mailto:sapcodejam@sap.comand include the following info in the email: name and email of the local contact person for the event, country and city in which the event will take place, estimated number of attendees (25 – 40), topic of the event, location, 3 possible dates. Someone in the SAP CodeJam team will get back to you within 1 – 2 days to confirm and finalize the details. Click here for additional information about these events.


Thank you for an amazing 2018, keep CodeJammin’ and see you in the New Year. Happy Holidays!



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