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Finally it is done: we (eric.westenberger,, jasmin.gruschke, thorsten.schneider) have conducted our first CodeJam focusing on ABAP development on HANA. We have been to Bielefeld for that purpose. Here you can read a short recap.

The location

Some of you might have heard about the Bielefeld conspiracy. If not, you can find a summary on Wikipedia.

After our CodeJam we can confirm: Bielefeld exists. :razz: Our CodeJam took place in a small hotel outside the city center. We had a good wireless network connection, enough space and more than enough food.

The content

During the 6 hours we tried to look at everything ABAPers should know when developing on HANA. Participants installed the necessary IDE (combination of HANA Studio and ABAP Development Tools) and connected to a cloud-based ABAP 7.4 system running on the HANA database.  After the IDE was up and running each participant could take a look at areas of interest: analyzing the performance of an existing ABAP program with the new ABAP profiler, optimizing performance by means of OpenSQL, using HANA views and database procedures within ABAP programs, transporting HANA content through the ABAP transport system etc.

The feedback

Altogether the participants seemed quite happy with the event. Most guys were very focused on the system and on testing everything possible. All in all, considering this event was a premiere for us, I believe it went quite well (of course, we also stumbled across a few issues here and there). We certainly had a very good time, and from our end we are looking forward to further events in the future.

The next steps

During the next 2-3 weeks we will rework the documents we had prepared for Bielefeld a little bit (streamline some exercises, add some additional topics etc.). In August we want to have the next event. And until TechEd we plan to do 10 ABAP for HANA CodeJams altogether. We have some requests for such already. But right now chances are still good, that we visit your town if you are interested. Hence get in touch with us, if you wish to host an ABAP for HANA CodeJam between August and November. If you are interested, you can write an eMail to