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April 15th 27 eager developers gathered at Microsoft Germany’s Headquarters in Munich to get their hands dirty coding and take a deep dive into SAP’s cloud-based Fiori and Mobile development tools. The journey took us from the OData services from a real Gateway server through the HANA Cloud Platform, HANA Cloud Platform mobile service and the WebIDE, and finally to the developer’s phone via the Hybrid Application Toolkit. Special thanks go to Microsoft for hosting the event, to Andrea Taylor for setting things in motion and of course to the CodeJam team for making this possible!

In case you want to reenact what we have done, there is an awesome tutorial series on the subject. Just register with HANA trial and you are good to go!

If you are interested in upcoming CodeJams, be sure to check out the event space.

The Event in Pictures

A pleasant spring day in the beautiful city of Munich

The venue from the outside: Microsoft Germany’s current headquarters in the far north of Munich

A peek from the inside

Organizer Andrea Taylor configuring the … out of the HANA Cloud Platform

Thinking makes hungry! Subway to the rescue. Featuring happy trainers and happy hosts.

Happy staff makes happy attendees who are networking, mingling and enjoying themselves

Before and after dinner: Industrious buzzing in the coding cave

There could not possibly exist a CodeJam in Munich that would not be complemented by local drinks