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On 12th of June, an group of around 20 developers joined again at Ciber Netherlands for a Codejam. Despite the 30+ degrees outside and an SAP running event in a nearby city! The topic this time was regarding HANA Cloud Platform and HANA XS SP9. Trying out and playing with the newest HANA SP9 features, who wouldn't like that!?


To get acquainted with all these new features, to network with peers, and to get to know the SAP experts, all reasons for us to host another fun Codejam event.

Quite a variety of interested people showed up on the event. Some might already seen new functionalities as part of the openSAP training on HANA XS SP9. Some participants already had experience on HANA. Most of them were quite new with the topic.

Our great hosts of the day were:


and emil.aleksandrov

Both travelled all the way from SAP Bulgaria to guide us on the topic.

Ready for the kick-off


Jordan started off with a nice introduction on the summary what is HANA Cloud Platform. And soon jumped into HANA and it's features. He announced HANA SP9 is the first HANA release were SAP actually had stabilized the platform. And this is the first release were the focus has been to add lots of new features.

Emil continued the theory to tell us even more on SP9

Try, Learn, See, Practice

Jordan and Emil prepared us some real nice exercises. Typical analytical scenario's and all based on new SP9 features.

Amazingly, since the HANA Cloud trial landscape was not yet on SP9, (still on SP8). We got temporary access to an productive instance on SP9 within Awesome.

We created many HANA artifacts, ready to run them via the XS engine.

One of the exercises was regarding creation of a flowgraph which can be done graphically in the eclipse editor. A example of a flowgraph looks like this

All participants working very hard on the exercises.

Luckily during exercises we also had time for some fun

When you got stuck in the exercises, Jordan and Emil were around to help you out.


Dinner time. Of course a standard item in all codejam's. We had delicious tapas.

And... back to the exercises

Besides the flowgraph we also had an exercises regarding xsds, this makes it very easy to work with CDS entities

within your xsjs script.

An end result was to create an ui5 view based on this xsjs script.


Even after the endtime of the event at 19h, some participants were still very eager and still continuing on finishing the exercises. Luckily for all participants, Emil and Jordan promised us the production HANA environment would still be accessible for us for a week after the event. Thanks for that.

It was another great codejam, we learned on the PAL library functions/ flowgraphs, xsjs, xsds and I probably even still forget to mention a few topics. Thanks all for participating, thanks Emil and Jordan for hosting, see you at the next Codejam!

Remark for participants:. A great number of people subscribe to the eventbrite event. Great! Please inform us in time upfront when you did subscribe but are not able to join. The event is free, but if you would cancel your subscription, that open up a spot for other person eager to join. It also helps us in managing the food ordering more accurate. Thanks.

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