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On 23 September, the SAP Mobile CodeJam with support from T-Systems AppFactory took place in Darmstadt. The invitation was accepted very positively and more than 20 mobile developers arrived for code-jamming. The focus of our event was the creation of native and hybrid mobile apps and their connection to the new SAP SMP 3

This was the agenda:
1. Welcome by SAP experts and T-Systems Mobile AppFactory
2. Info on "SAP CodeJam" and "SAP Developer Program"
3. Topic of the event "What's new with SMP", "Native app dev" and "Apache Cordova"
4. Break and Encourage indulgence in food and drink and to meet Their neighbors
5. Explore, Engage and Network
6. Info on "SAP Fiori & Open UI5"

With the support of SAP experts patrick.kelleher , wolfgang.scheer and craig.cmehil2 the group explored different ways of mobilizing SAP systems. The goal was to access a cloud SMP with a native/hybrid app in iOS or Android. All participants were committed and determined to get access to the mobile middleware.

Besides this technical goal setting, it was aim of our CodeJam to gain insights into new SAP technology, to get help from experts and to get in contact with other mobility experts and developers.
Btw: There've been some pizza for lunch – again and again gladly seen CodeJam catering.

We from T-Systems AppFactory want to thank SAP for the good CodeJam cooperation and the opportunity to host the event. The insights and experiences were very valuable for our developers and customers.

Some photo impressions:

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