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SAP CodeJam Montreal

by SAP and The Createch Group

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Predictive Services

Thanks to SAP, we just hosted a SAP CodeJam at Montreal, on Bell campus.

The concept? Moving the famous SAPTechEd hands-on session at home ... like if you were in Las Vegas ! Exciting ?

So on May 12, The Createch Group gathered SAP Developers and data scientists for a full day session, on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Predictive Services. Abdel Dadouche, Developer Evangelist @SAP, hosted the event and led our guests to CodeJam together.

This kind of event is really well rooted: after a smooth introduction on Predictive Services, SAP environments were ready to run for everyone, and Abdel guided all of us for a six hour immersion in SAP HANA Cloud Platform… and in French s’il vous plaît !

Agenda :


  • Presentation of SAP Hana Cloud Platform

  • Focus on Predictive Services

    • How to build a predictive model without a PhD

    • Presentation of different statistical methods

      • Forecast : the most common algorithm in BI, enables to give predictions based on past data or

      • Key influencer : useful to determine the relevant dimensions that have a major impact on indicators, when the dataset includes 2000+ columns,

      • Outliers : identify the values out of an expected range

  • Statistical method vs activation of service

    • Finally, the end user doesn’t need to know much about the statistical method to use, since the solution is based on service commissioning

  • How to consume SAP Predictive Services

    • Many SAP Solutions, such as Hybris Marketing, Cloud for Customer, Fraud solutions are using intensively those features


Hands-on Session


As the attendees followed the SAP Predictive tutorial, they were able to deploy, configure and test the SAP Cloud Platform, Predictive Services, at the end of the day :

The expertise of Abdel was a key element that made this day a success : all tricky questions had an answer, all guests were coached and well guided through the concise and complete (and free ?) tutorial. I think everyone managed to perform one of the three predictive services… good performance when guests have different technical backgrounds.

Honestly, I was surprised to see the improvements that SAP did to provide a free trial account on HCP ; no doubt this contributes to engage people to test and then develop their own applications on this Platform. SAP is no more just a software editor but a real development platform on which we must rely more.

Once again, special thanks to our special coach Abdel ! It was a great experience that we will renew for sure !

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