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Mark your calendars as the date for the second installment of Virtual SAP CodeJam has been set. Virtual SAP CodeJam Episode 002, which will take place on February 3rd, will focus on SAP HANA XS ODATA. It will start at 3 PM CET. Register here.

There are three ways for you to participate:

  1. Participant: you can join the ‘Google Hangout” using audio and video and be recorded, possibly even screen sharing.
  2. Viewer: this option gives you the ability to view the event live and ask questions (you won’t appear in the video).
  3. First Look: you’ll get to watch the full recording before it gets released to the general public.  

As with all other CodeJam events, no previous knowledge about the topic is needed in order to attend. Our goal for this event is to help get you started and become more familiar with SAP HANA XS ODATA.

As a participant, you will learn about the various digital properties of SAP HANA XS ODATA, get system access, view examples, learn how to code in the system and demo your work.

The event is free and it will only take two hours of your time, so SIGN UP NOW as space is limited. All registered participants will be sent connection details and connectivity test information prior to the event.

In case you missed the Virtual SAP CodeJam Episode 001 on SAP HANA XS, here it is:

Virtual SAP CodeJam is our latest addition to our global SAP CodeJam events. Our goal is to bring these events to you at least twice a month. For a list of upcoming CodeJam events (virtual and in-person in your local area), click here. To request a CodeJam event, click here

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