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Hi fellow code jammers

I am looking forward to my first London CodeJam on the Thursday 9th of May :smile: , I have done a innoJam before and that was great fun so I am hoping a codeJam will be equally fun but not as tiring!

Currently watching my way through the Hana Native development workshop:

I will follow that up with watching the SAP Hana and Mobile video's (being a Mobile guy)

Just to get myself upto speed on Hana and all the new "Techno Jargon" that surrounds a new product.

The email I got said check out the following:

Trial License;

- Get 30 days of trial access to a hosted HANA test and evaluation environment


- Get your own SAP HANA DB server on Amazon Web Services!

- Download SAP HANA Client - Developer Edition

- Download SAP HANA Studio - Developer Edition

Code Exchange

- Register for Code Exchange:

Tutorials and Videos

- SAP HANA Database - Development Guide (pdf)

- SAP HANA Modeling Guide (pdf)

- SAP In-Memory Database 1.0-SQL Reference Guide (pdf)

- SAP In-Memory Database 1.0-SQL Script Guide (pdf)

- Documentation (help portal)

Thats a lot to download, read, watch and take in with only a week to go. Such fun :smile:

Register here: big-data-and-london

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