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Last week we had a blast with SAP HANA and IoT. It was a pleasure to meet witalij again. Of course Witalij didn't come alone, he brought his minions - Tessel devices.

We had a little of theory and then immediately jumped to practical part. Everyone has got an own Tessel device to play around.

First exercise was quite easy - device should blink.

But after lunch session's focus has changed - main goal was to collect information via Tessel device (e.g. temperature, humidity and brightness of the room) and send it to the SAP HANA consuming SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT services as well as SAP HANA XS.

It was a pleasure to see so many participants (~40 !!), we were quite surprised since it was the first SAP CodeJam Event organized in Riga, Latvia. Thanks to all participants for their involvement, questions and comments.

We had a great time!