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Hi Guys,

On 27th July'14, was our First Ever codejam on saphana at Location noida. The Code Jam focuses on SAPHANAsaphana_on_cloud and eclipse_ide. It was an exciting moment and great learning and sharing opportunity for all of us. It was a full day program consisting of hands-on exercises and practices on SAP HANA Tools, SAP HANA on Cloud and integration.


The Event starts at huge Amity Campus, Noida at about 11 am by SAP experts padmashree.b and After a short introduction about SAP HANA, HANA XS and SAP HANA Studio, we took a deeper dive into subject with subject matter experts guiding us the way.


Following topics were covered under the event. Enough time was given on each topic for playing and learning the new tools with proper guidance.

About SAP codejam - Overview, reason and vision behind SAP codejam

Overview of HANA Cloud Platform

Explaining SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit  - for managing SAP HANA Cloud Platform account and HANA XS applications

Hands-on using SAP HANA Trial Account - Developing Applications on Web based Development Workbench

Introduction to Eclipse IDE and Required Add-ons

Integration and Development of HANA Application on Eclipse IDE

Debugging XSJS code with HANA Web IDE

Introduction to CDS-based data persistence objects


HANA Applications Development at codejam_noida included both:

a) HANA Native Application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Using the Web-based Development Workbench - exercise for exploring Web Workbench.

b) HANA Application Development using famous Open Source IDE Eclipse - features of IDE explored for quick application development.


SAP codejam_noida executed perfectly by SAP, making participants well aware of the topics, tools and going forward, the application development on HANA XS both on web and on the IDE. Hope we all take it forward to the next level as HANA grows and gains in market.

Many thanks to SAP Team (padmashree.b and for making the event so successful, sharing the knowledge and showing the ways to explore more on such buzz topics. Special thanks to Team Amity and kumarmayuresh for there efforts in making codejam_noida actually happen.

Hope noida gets more of such amazing events soon from sap helping us to excel, develop and progress together.