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This is the English version of original blog post in Spanish. It is dedicated to all those colleagues in Latin America who think that innovation is something that happens far away from home. My apologies to the folks from Brazil, as my Portuguese is basic enough to satisfy basic needs, such as “cerveja” and “feijoada”.

I would like to tell you about the free events that we have done, will do and could happen.

During the past two weeks, I was lucky to attend different events in the South cone. The first one took place at the Universidad Santo Tomás, in Santiago de Chile. We enjoyed a CodeJam on HANA Express that ended with the basic design of some KPIs using HANA Calculation Views.

The second event, in São Paulo, was organized by SAP Mentor Raquel Cunha at Acctiva. All attendees were already in the SAP ecosystem so they came with very clear expectations on which flavor of HANA Express they wanted (XS Advanced, mostly) and what for.

The third event,  ASUG Tech Day 2017, was in my Buenos Aires, where hugs with old and new friends abounded, while sharing experiences and understanding tendencies.

One of the phrases I heard a lot, specially when talking about the latest and the greatest on SAP Leonardo, machine learning or digital transformation in general could be paraphrased in “all those innovations are so far away”.

What if I told you they are not? That resources are at hand and you are probably not aware of it?

There are free resources available to developers

Coming from a country in which the exchange rate to the US Dollar may be a topic during a family breakfast, I totally understand the cost of training and resources can be an issue. The piece of good news, which I kindly ask you help me spread, is that there are multiple resources available for free:

  • CodeJams: SAP Developer Relations sends an expert with a Budget for catering. The request from the organizer’s side is that they provide for a place to accommodate and connect the 25 to 40 attendees to the Internet. The organizer is also required to have the catering delivered and the expert pays for it the day of the event. More details on the available topics and how to request your own event here:

  • Tutorials: Step-by-step, official, from getting started to advanced development and all they cost is willpower:  You will find topics like XS Advanced, Fiori, UI5, S4HANA, Mobile, SAP Cloud Platform (and the APIs) and the good ol’ ABAP featuring CDS on Eclipse.

  • Free instances: Did you know there is a streamlined version of HANA you can download and even use in productive up to 32GB for no license cost? It is called  SAP HANA, express edition, and the server-only version (i.e., no XS Advanced) runs on an 8GB RAM laptop. I have a couple of blogs (or this one) on how to install them on a free operating system on a Cloud environment. Would you like to give SAP Cloud platform a try?

The other piece of news is that there is a growing community willing to welcome new members at events like SAP Inside Track.  I can tell you about two in Brazil (in July and in September) and one in Buenos Aires organized by diego.dora, adjacent to a CodeJam to which you can now register if you are planning on being in the area.

How do you find out about these events? Social networks are your best allies. Here are some suggestions to get started: my LinkedIn profile, my Twitter account, SAP Developer Relations’ twitter or Facebook accounts.

If you think someone could benefit from this information, please share.
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