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I would really like to my share first experience on SAP CodeJam Events which is all about to giving a chance to meet one-on-one with SAP development experts, connect with other developers, share knowledge, and of course, write code. It was a perfect opportunity to people like me, who had no previous contact with HANA,or Gateway to have a taste of it.

The sessions was all about the awereness of  innovation and how technology is changing in and around SAP. They helped us understand what to anticipate in the near future and make you ready for it.

The topics for the two days were SAP ABAP on HANA & SAP Gateway, both are the latest SAP technologies in market.

I would also thank Rohit Negi of Fujitsu India Pvt Limited for organizing the event on  Abap on Hana(10th Sept)  & SAP Gateway(11th Sept) in Pune.

Many thanks to SAP Experts for sharing their knowledge and time on ABAP on HANA by sundaresan.k & ajay.soreng  & SAP Gateway by Atanu Mallik & Mohan Agarwal .

Topics covered and Hands on Experience Abap on Hana:

  1. Introduction to ABAP in Eclipse (ADT),
  2. Performance Worklist tool (SWLT).
  3. CDS Core Data Service
  4. What’s new in OpenSQL,
  5. AMDP - ABAP managed Database Procedures

and the idea of this SAP Gateway event is all about  OData Service creation using SAP Gateway.


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