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Candy, Code, Ciber, Content expert?? Ringing some bells?

24th of May, a SAP CodeJam took place in our office.

Thanks to event organiser craig.cmehil, we could join the calendar. And organise the first CodeJam in our Eindhoven office. CodeJams are free developer oriented events explained here. The first one in the Netherlands was organised by fred.verheul on the NetWeaver Cloud topic. I am very happy we could extend the number of CodeJams and organise one in our Ciber office. Some of the participants were already quite familiar with the location since we also have the SAP Inside Track for years in this office.


It was not hard to decide on a topic. We choose to go for NetWeaver Gateway since it's importance is growing. As I'm working mainly in the mobile area, Gateway is one of the options to use a building block to offer a process on a mobile device. Also this topic is one which had not been in the list of CodeJams yet. NetWeaver Gateway is standard in the NetWeaver stack since 7.4. It's the perfect combination with SAP's newest user interface technology, SAPUI5. The Fiori news, announced on Sapphire, made it very clear, we proved to be right. Fiori combines SAPUI5 with SAP NetWeaver Gateway. For example, Graham Robinson wrote a great blog on the Fiori topic. The CodeJam was fully booked, among them 3 SAP Mentors.


Craig Cmehil kicked off at 13h o'clock by introducing the CodeJam concept and what it is all about.

Craig explained on the growing number of codeJams, and the low entry level for participants. Giving all participants the idea behind this great concept.

Craig introduced us to the content expert.

We got what we hoped for, the expert on the topic Andre Fischer also joined us in Eindhoven.

Andre took over and gave us the introduction on NetWeaver Gateway. He showed us in a live demo how could we easily consume data from a backend in a Gateway service. It all made sense and of we went doing exactly this and lots more in our demo environment. Andre gave us handy tricks like using a querystring '?sap-ds-debug=true' for our service to render the result as http page and navigate by having links in the page.

Participants working within the NW Gateway environment;

Fortunate for all participants, Andre and his team did very decent preparations and we were lucky to have both a CRM and a ECC backend to play with! Participants had a chance to play with the consumption tools, create their own gateway services and consume them in for example SAPUI5. In the weeks before the event, e-mails were already sent out to instruct participants on what and which to install to get their laptop setup, and make a quickstart on the topic. Setup of Eclipse and the NW Gateway productivity tools. Andre wrote a nice blog on the CodeJam as well, see 'codejam on NetWeaver Gateway - where to go next'.


Every CodeJam includes food during the coding. Due to the wide variety of regions and places CodeJam are held, the type of food varies a lot. Craig even has a facebook album devoted to the CodeJam food ;-). See below for some pictures of the delicious tapas we enjoyed during the event in Eindhoven.


At 19h o'clock, the event came to an end, we had like 5 of 20 participants left who were still eagerly coding and discussing.

It was a great succes, with participants from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands we certainly will repeat this type of event. A next topic and date has to be decided still.

Definitely watch the CodeJam space or the twitter hashtag #SAPCodeJam for dates.


I want to thank co-organiser and photographer twan.vandenbroek. I also want to thank SAP for making it possible to host this event in our CiberNL office. Especially thanks to Craig Cmehil and Andre Fischer, really great having you.

See you at a next CodeJam in the Eindhoven area!

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