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On the 8th and 9th of May OSRAM hosted two ABAP in Eclipse CodeJams in their beautiful buildings in Munich. gregor.wolf4 organized the event but since he is currently pretty busy he asked me to blog about it.

I would like to take this chance and not only talk about the Munich event but also offer you some insights into how ABAP in Eclipse CodeJams are usually being run.

Current CodeJam Format

ABAP in Eclipse CodeJams have come a long way. We started last year with a very open format and slowly moved to a more structured format. I would compare the current format to a 4 hour TechEd hands-on session but one which is more flexible and offers a lot more time (6 instead of 4 hours) for playing with the product and asking questions. The agenda in Munich looked like this:

1) What is a CodeJam? + Brief history of ABAP in Eclipse

2) Demo: Essential features

3) Exercise 1

4) Demo: Advanced features + tips and tricks

5) Exercise 2

6) Playtime aka do whatever you want :smile:

All exercises are being done on the newest NetWeaver server release. The servers themselves are provided by SAP and run in the cloud.

The great thing about CodeJams is that you are using your own laptop so once you are back at your company everything is already installed and you can start using your newly gained skills immediately :smile:

The exercises

Both exercises are based on simple ABAP reports so they are easy to understand. Moreover, both of them incorporate ABAP Unit tests. This is great because not only are you learning how to use ABAP in Eclipse you also get an introduction on writing automated tests with ABAP Unit.

My favorite part? Your feedback!

So far I got the chance to present at 4 CodeJams. During every single event we had great discussions which will help us make ABAP in Eclipse a better product and some of your feedback has already made it into the product.

Final thoughts

I am a big fan of the CodeJam format. It is a very casual learning environment. It allows me to meet interesting people from the SAP community and I get the chance to show the newest ABAP in Eclipse features. Additionally, CodeJams usually take place at interesting locations which you normally do not get access to. Sometimes even dogs join the fun as seen in Bielefeld: Twitter / ccmehil: #sapcodejam #bielefeld with ...  :smile:

If you want to attend an ABAP in Eclipse CodeJam you have two options:

a) Make sure to follow the SAP CodeJam community and wait for event announcements. Register yourself as quickly as possible. The last CodeJams were fully booked in a day

b) Check out the getting started guide (Hosting an SAP CodeJam Event) and host your own

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